The world around us is changing faster than ever before. Automation, articial intelligence, big data, geo-location and advanced technology are reshaping every aspect of the way we work and live—and data is at the center of this transformation. Welcome to the Data Gurus Podcast, a leading market research podcast hosted by Sima Vasa, CEO of Innity Squared Ventures.

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Rolfe Swinton Blockchain Unchained 023

Rolfe Swinton – Blockchain Unchained | Ep 023

Rolfe Swinton is known as the blockchain expert. He joins Sima Vasa in this episode to talk about the potential and applications of this fundamental technology that can change the workings of the market industry. Rolfe Swinton – Promoting Blockchain Insights Rolfe has recently joined GfK where he’s taken on a new role as Director ... Read more
Tia Maurer Data and New Product Innovation

Tia Maurer – Data and New Product Innovation | Ep 022

Tia Maurer is a Group Scientist at the Procter & Gamble Company. She sits with Sima Vasa to discuss data integrity, statistical significance, surveys and automation, and the shift to behavioral-based research methods. “Your analysis and insights is only as good as your quality of data and rarely is your data file 100% error free.” ... Read more
Joe Catling Relishing Data Data Gurus Podcast

Joe Catling – Relishing Data | Ep. 020

Joe Catling is the Head of Analytics at Relish Research. Today he sits down with Sima Vasa to discuss marrying client or ‘big’ data to market research data, the challenges of doing so, and the future of advanced statistical or machine learning techniques. “What I think we’re going to see is a democratization of a ... Read more
Brian Califano Focusing on the Basics Data Gurus Podcast

Brian Califano – Focusing on the Basics | Ep. 019

Brian Califano is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of AcceleratngCFO. Today he joins Sima Vasa in an episode dedicated to current trends of finance and the role of data in how we budget our financial results and plan for business future. Brian Califano – CFO: A Significant Service AcceleratingCFO offers Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services ... Read more
Roddy Knowles The Evolution of Data Collection Data Gurus Podcast

Roddy Knowles – The Evolution of Data Collection | Ep. 018

In today’s episode, Sima Vasa talks with Roddy Knowles. Roddy is the Director of Product and Innovation Research at Research Now SSI. His leadership runs the machinery that leverages technology to effectively support products. Technology underpins processes by which innovation comes to fruition. This is what Roddy and his team are working to achieve. Technology Behind the ... Read more
Simon Chadwick Coffee with Simon Data Gurus Podcast

Simon Chadwick – Coffee with Simon | Ep. 017

Simon Chadwick is the Founder and Managing Partner of Cambiar Consulting. He and Sima Vasa discuss the shifts in the research industry and the Gen Z potential in the workplace. How different are they from the Millennials? Tune in. “If we look in the news we are constantly reminded that this is a generation that ... Read more
Hermann Kudlich Learning Through Creativity and Fun! Data Gurus Podcast

Hermann Kudlich – Learning Through Creativity and Fun! | Ep. 016

Hermann Kudlich is a Denmark-based business development partner at LEGO Brand Group. Today, he touches base with Sima Vasa. They talk about how coming up with innovative ways to marry physical and digital experiences can be fun, albeit challenging. Physical Experience in the Digital Age For over nine years, Hermann has worked with product innovation ... Read more
Annie Pettit Loves Research Data Gurus Podcast

Annie Pettit Loves Research | Ep. 015

Annie Pettit has a masters in data quality and online surveys. She was a certified organizational psychologist with the Ontario government. Annie then moved into the private sector doing research on the research of data quality and it’s analytics, social media analytics and now is a freelance researcher advising companies on best research practices and ... Read more
Per Håkansson – Finding Humanity in Cloud Living

Per Håkansson – Finding Humanity in Cloud Living | Ep. 014

Per Håkansson is the Managing Editor for Inside Blockchain and founder of Makerminds, Inc. On top of these, he’s a TEDx speaker and learning facilitator. He helps entrepreneurs shift their mindset and become more experimental and exploratory in their innovations. Transformation of humanity comes with emerging technologies.  Knowing this, Per promotes looking at the change ... Read more
Kristin Luck, Founder Luck Collective, Women in Research (WiRe)

Kristin Luck – Founder Luck Collective, Women in Research (WiRe) | Ep. 012

Kristin Luck is a serial entrepreneur turned growth strategist. She most recently served as a partner and President/CMO of Decipher until its acquisition in 2014. Currently, she works as a growth strategy consultant specializing in non-traditional sales and marketing strategies, for early and mid-stage companies preparing for global expansion, funding or acquisition. She is consistently ... Read more
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Sima Vasa

Sima Vasa is a growth-focused strategic advisor, investment banker, and entrepreneur with industry-leading expertise in market research and data ecosystems. She is the Founder and CEO of Infinity Squared Ventures, an organization focused on advising middle-market data and analytics companies in business strategy, product innovation, and growth. She is also a Senior Advisor with Oberon Securities, a New York investment bank. Sima is the host of the weekly Data Gurus podcast, and is a frequent speaker at national conferences on market research, insights and investment banking.

Data Gurus

Each week, we explore market research topics, interview industry leaders, and reveal new insights into the world of data. Our mission is to bring you a real-life perspective on what’s happening in the data industry, and share how successful companies and individuals in this niche are surviving and thriving through the sea of change. We encourage you to be bold, be brave and be fearless. Let’s navigate the data ecosystem together.

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Relevant & Instructive “Sima’s podcasts are a great resource for the market research (MR) industry. The discussion with Ravi Parmeswar, Winning the CPG Analytics Race 001, was helpful in understanding what issues clients face, and it also provided some thoughts on how the industry can work through them. Sima has a natural way to engage her guests. For example, Ravi’s thoughts on how artificial intelligence (AI) can be useful for MR were enlightening. Overall, very engaging podcast, great job, Sima!”


Worth The Listen “Really enjoyed listening to each guest and their different perspectives, regarding what they do and how it relates to our ever-changing industry. The host, Sima Vasa, is energetic, enthusiastic, and adds to the whole ‘Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Fearless’ vibe. You can tell she loves what she does and is 100% engaged with her guests. I highly recommend Data Gurus to all, not only for those who are obsessed with data and the industry, but for the life lessons that can be learned as well.”

Data Dork

I love how the podcast is focused on all the right things. “A data-intensive podcast that focuses squarely on business – that’s a rare find! The guests are absolutely fascinating, I might add. Thanks for this valuable contribution to the world, Sima!”