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Next Gen Leaders: Fresh Perspectives w/ Katie Sands and Brad Franz | Ep. 65

Next Gen Leaders: Fresh

In today’s episode, Sima Vasa sits with Executive Director of Client Development at Paradigm Sample Katie Sands, together with Sr. Consultant for Sampling at Burke Inc., Brad Franz. Both are considered next-generation of leaders for the market research industry. Together, they discuss perspectives on data collection and shifts in the industry both for clients and the overall market. 


Next-Gen Leaders

As a member of Paradigm Sample, Katie Sands has cultivated a diverse portfolio of accountsranging from market research, technology, healthcare, and consumer packaged goods companies. She is the Executive Director of Client Development. Her colleagues consider her a very passionate person⁠—when it comes to her job in the market research industry.

Likewise, Brad Franz is considered another next-gen leader. He’s been working at Burke Inc. for 12 years and is currently Sr. Consultant for Sampling. He is considered to be highly skilled at Quantitative Research, Market Research, and Online Research.


Shifts in Data Collection

Franz shares that in the last several years, there has been a very observable shift in the world of market research. Primarily, the changes are now focused on delivering quality data. Sands agreed to this shift as historically, she observed that when quality is not a concern, the pricing would come into play.

“There’s a pendulum swing back to the idea of quality and how data collection and sampling is really the foundation of those insights.” – Brad Franz

In the past, market research agencies drove the price very low and very competitive. Clients are more open to discussing the inclusions and range of a project and what is driving the prices. Moreover, they are more open to considering higher-priced samples in exchange for better quality data.


Focus on Quality

Franz stressed the importance of having conversations on what quality means. Through this, clients and researchers are able to define the expectations about price, field time, overall research objectives and the impacts that they can have along the way.

Vasa also shared her personal input in this episode. She shared how companies can propose quality data to clients: by looking at both the input and output side. This means that focus should not only be on choosing and targeting the right respondents but preparing the questionnaire as well. 

“Balancing the client needs and respondent engagement, that something that all three of us is passionate about. I’m optimistic that we’re finally getting to a point where we can start focusing on respondent engagement because the impact is starting to showcase itself in the higher quality.” – Katie Sands

More discussions on perspectives on data gathering and collection, as well as respondent engagement are in this episode. 


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