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The world around us is changing faster than ever before. Automation, articial intelligence, big data, geo-location and advanced technology are reshaping every aspect of the way we work and live—and data is at the center of this transformation. Welcome to the Data Gurus Podcast, a leading market research podcast hosted by Sima Vasa, CEO of Innity Squared Ventures.

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Complicated Relationship with Data | Ep. 196

Cliff Courtney, the President and CEO of Courtney180, joins Sima on the show today.  Cliff’s journey Cliff comes from a marketing-driven background. He believes marketing is a good background for all companies. Specifically for him because he has worked predominantly in chief strategy officer roles in Omnicom agencies and then in chief marketing roles, also ... Read more

The History and Measurement of Reputation | Ep. 195

Today, Stephen Hahn-Griffiths, the Global Executive Vice President of Enterprise Growth for the RepTrak Company, joins Sima to discuss the history and measurement of reputation. They dive into what reputation is, what shapes it, how to measure it, and its consequences. Stephen’s background Stephen was born and raised in the UK, and he has been ... Read more

Dynata Reinventing & Reinvesting | Ep. 194

Today, Sima joins Gary Laben, the former CEO of Dynata, and Jason Sobel, Head of U.S. Advisory, Evercore Partners, for a panel discussion hosted by Dynata on reinventing and reinvesting.  Sima’s background Sima is a research practitioner. She worked on the supplier side early in her career and had some experience on the client side ... Read more

Place Your Bets | Ep. 193

Today, Sima joins Mike Delaney, the Managing Partner of Court Square Capital Partners, and Gary Laben, the Former CEO of Dynata, on a panel discussion to discuss various issues related to the insights and marketing industry. What is the biggest obstacle and gaps you see for the insights and marketing industry moving forward? Sima thinks ... Read more

Product Management: Communication,Bravery, and Leadership | Ep.192

Aleksandra Bass joins Sima on the podcast today. She is the Vice-president of Product Management at Momentive (makers of Survey Monkey). Aleks has had an exciting career! In today’s episode, she talks to Sima about her career journey, what she does at Momentive and various aspects of product management. How Aleks got to where she ... Read more

Relentless Learning with Colson Steber | Ep. 191

Today, Colson Steber joins Sima on the podcast. He is the Co-CEO of Communications for Research and Co-CEO of Ag Access. In this episode, Colson dives into the origin of Communications for Research and his journey to becoming Co-CEO. He also discusses his passion for personal evolution and relentless learning and explains how he integrates ... Read more

Assemblage: The Art and Science of Brand Transformation | Ep. 190

Dr. Emmanuel Probst joins Sima on the podcast today. He is the bestselling author of Brand Hacks and the newly-published book, Assemblage. In addition to writing books, he is also the Global Lead of Brand Thought-Leadership at Ipsos. In this episode, he talks to Sima about his latest book and the changing narrative he has ... Read more

Proof Analytics with Mark Stouse | Ep. 189

Sima is delighted to have Mark Stouse, the Chairman and CEO of Proof Analytics, joining her today to dive into his background, the years he spent building Proof Analytics, and the exciting work he is currently doing. Mark’s story Even though Mark understands data science, he is not a data scientist. He is a business ... Read more

Human Centricity | Ep. 188

Anita Watkins, the Global Head of Qualitative Research at Kantar, joins Sima today to talk about how she got to where she is and what she does at Qualitative. She also gets into current trends within the industry, offers guidance for coping with uncertainty, and shares some career advice. Anita’s journey After leaving college, Anita ... Read more

Multiculturalism | Ep. 187

Data Gurus – Episode 187 – Multiculturalism, with Adriana Waterston Adriana Waterston is Sima’s guest for today’s podcast! She is the Chief Revenue Officer and Insight and Strategy Lead at Horowitz Research. Multiculturalism is an important matter that has become a focal point for society in recent years. At Horowitz Research, they specialize in multicultural ... Read more

The Art and Science of Joy | Ep. 186

Sima is excited to have Andrew Cannon and Debby Schlesinger-Hellman, the Co-founders of the Art and Science of Joy and EQJOY, joining her today! Andrew and Debby are on a mission to empower people and inspire them to live more joyful lives! They use the art and science of joy to help individuals and companies ... Read more

The Pivots with Nihal Advani | Ep. 185

Welcome to another interesting and informative episode of Data Gurus! Sima is delighted to have Nihal Advani, the Founder, and CEO of QualSights, joining her today! Nihal has been on an exciting journey since starting his first business. In today’s episode, he shares his story, gets into how he founded and pivoted his business, and ... Read more

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