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Ulli Appelbaum First the Trousers Then the Shoes 024

Ulli Appelbaum – First The Trousers Then The Shoes | Ep. 024

Ulli Appelbaum is the founder of First the Trousers Then The Shoes, Inc. The consulting firm has been grounded by…
Rolfe Swinton Blockchain Unchained 023

Rolfe Swinton – Blockchain Unchained | Ep 023

Rolfe Swinton is known as the blockchain expert. He joins Sima Vasa in this episode to talk about the potential…
Tia Maurer Data and New Product Innovation

Tia Maurer – Data and New Product Innovation | Ep 022

Tia Maurer is a Group Scientist at the Procter & Gamble Company. She sits with Sima Vasa to discuss data…
Melissa Sauter & Duncan Lawrence - Better Together Data Gurus Podcast

Melissa Sauter and Duncan Lawrence – Better Together the MSI and Morpace Merger | Ep. 21

Melissa Sauter and Duncan Lawrence join Sima Vasa to share a bit of history of Market Strategies International (MSI) and Morpace.…
Joe Catling Relishing Data Data Gurus Podcast

Joe Catling – Relishing Data | Ep. 020

Joe Catling is the Head of Analytics at Relish Research. Today he sits down with Sima Vasa to discuss marrying…