The Evolution of Location Data and Consumer Privacy with Francesco Guglielmino of Cuebiq

In this episode, Francesco Guglielmino, CEO of Cuebiq, joins host, Sima Vasa, to discuss the evolution of location data and prioritizing consumer privacy.

Key Takeaways:

(03:49) Implementing a privacy framework with consent tracking and a withdrawal option, despite challenges.

(12:22) How younger generations show greater willingness to use digital tools.

(13:25) Doing the right thing and why it means making tough decisions without reward.

(15:21) When products are free, users’ data is the product.

(20:01) Why weaknesses in the anonymity of location data require solutions.

(24:32) Deploying a system to remove all data of users potentially underage.

(27:06) Why Francesco’s platform allows clients to customize analytics while protecting privacy.

(30:04) Handling location data remains challenging and expensive.

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