Leading Through Innovation and Insight with Chris Havemann of RealityMine

On this episode, host Sima Vasa sits down with Chris Havemann, CEO of RealityMine, to explore the evolution of data collection and its impact on market research. Chris shares experiences gained from his journey in the insights industry, highlighting the shift from survey data to behavioral data collection.

Key Takeaways:

(01:18) The beginnings of Chris Havemann’s entrepreneurial journey.

(02:12) Chris transitioned from a corporate career to starting his own business and pivoted from the mobile channel to Research Now.

(03:09) The growth and success of Research Now and Chris’s personal break before joining RealityMine.

(08:27) RealityMine’s focus is on revealing real-life behaviors through passive metering technology.

(10:04) The significant role mobile device usage plays in understanding consumer behavior.

(14:05) Discussion on the insights industry’s approach to respondent experience and the potential for AI to transform data analysis.

(17:25) RealityMine appoints a chief AI officer and the impact of AI on the insights industry.

(21:04) Scenario planning for the future use of AI and synthetic data in market research.

(23:01) Chris Havemann’s perspective on the future of advertising and the concentration of media power.

Resources Mentioned:

RealityMine Website

Research Now Website

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