A Pioneering Approach to Revolutionizing Consumer Insights with Steve Phillips of Zappi

On this episode, host Sima Vasa talks to Steve Phillips, Founder and CEO of Zappi, about pioneering automation and artificial intelligence in market research to enhance consumer insight efficiency and quality.

Key Takeaways:

(01:10) The origin of Zappi for efficient consumer insights.

(02:22) Zappi’s evolution toward quality and meta analytics.

(03:24) Strategy shifts addressing early challenges.

(06:24) The transition to technology-driven solutions.

(08:54) Their future as a SAS company with AI integration.

(11:18) Managing innovation in a rapidly evolving industry.

(13:32) Shifting to a data company for richer insights.

(15:49) The future of primary research and consumer behavior understanding.

(17:57) Broadening the definition of market research.

Resources Mentioned:


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