Unveiling the Future of Shopper Insights with Amishi Takalkar of Nailbiter

On this episode, host Sima Vasa talks with Amishi Takalkar, Co-Founder and CEO of NAILBITER, exploring the transformative role of video in capturing authentic shopper behaviors and insights.

Key Takeaways:

(01:30) Amishi journeyed from an aspiring VJ at MTV India to the CEO of NAILBITER.

(02:17) Amishi’s career evolution, specifically her roles at Frito Lay and AOL, and how experiencing both client and supplier sides of the industry affected her.

(06:03) The inception of NAILBITER, aimed at observing consumers’ decision-making processes in real-time.

(08:14) Utilizing video as a primary tool for gathering unfiltered shopper insights.

(10:06) NAILBITER’s unique approach in tagging and quantifying vast consumer data from videos.

(14:00) Product placement and retail strategies significantly impact sales and consumer choices.

(17:19) The shift in retailer dynamics and the increasing significance of shopper insights.

(20:27) The evolving nature of consumer behavior in an omnichannel shopping environment.

(24:31) The impact of COVID-19 on shopper behavior and the need for adaptable strategies.

(26:19) The integration and challenges of AI in market research.

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