Eileen Campbell – Curiosity + Passion + Hard Work = Success | Ep. 060

Eileen Campbell - Curiosity + Passion + Hard Work = Success

Co-founder and executive chair for Reid Campbell Group Eileen Campbell joins Sima Vasa today. Together, they talk about Eileen’s history and her undying curiosity, passion and hard work that ultimately birthed her tremendous career in the industry.

“I think if you’re intellectually curious, it’s a completely gratifying way to make a living.” – Eileen Campbell

Eileen Campbell – Starting Out Early

Eileen started in the industry really young when she was still the proverbial starving student in university. She worked full-time in a company called NFO (then they dubbed the National Family Opinion) through her final year of university. There, she met incredibly talented women leaders who became not only her mentors but life-long friends.

Throughout her career, she had the opportunity to keep reinventing. She handled project coordination, management, and even worked directly with clients. Then at 26, she convinced her boss to let her move to Minneapolis and put up an office, a transformative step.

“When you have some place that you kind of turn on the lights, where the success of the team depends on you being committed and dedicated… that’s a real turning point I think in many people’s careers. It certainly was for mine.” – Eileen Campbell

Startups and Working for Kantar

For a few years, Eileen took care of the Minneapolis office before moving on to work for the Angus Reid Group. There, she met her partners in her new venture, her first experience with a startup.

She was then recruited to run Kantar Millard Brown in North America before getting promoted to the global CEO role.

Staying Motivated Throughout

Since Eileen started the business really young, she stepped down from her bigger jobs just as early. All her ventures, as much as anything, are driven by a restless spirit. She was never good at being idle and has always been fascinated by the market research industry.

And this constant fascination and her curiosity for the industry fuel her every day to keep growing.

“I think the only job that I was really rotten at was being retired.” – Eileen Campbell

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