Revolutionizing Market Research Using Creativity and Human-Centric Insights with Holland Martini of GOODQUES

On this episode, host Sima Vasa welcomes Holland Martini, Chief Insights Officer of GOODQUES, who shares her journey and insights on revolutionizing market research through creativity and human-centric methods.

Key Takeaways:

(00:00) Holland emphasizes the importance of being comfortable with discomfort. (03:31) The role of data at GOODQUES is not just to validate but to inspire. 

(04:53) Luck and timing played a significant role in GOODQUES’ early success. 

(07:00) Considering every individual involved in the research process is crucial. 

(07:42) The foundation of human-centricity at GOODQUES, from brief to delivery. 

(14:30) Crafting questions in colloquial language leads to better responses. 

(22:42) Casting moderators who resonate with respondents improves insights. 

(26:13) Understanding different disciplines while being an expert in one is key.

(30:00) Saying no to projects that don’t fit maintains focus and quality.

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