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Vin Vashishta – Data Science Expert | Ep. 007

Vin Vashishta - Data Science Expert Data Gurus Podcast

Vin Vashishta is a data science and machine learning expert and the founder of V-Squared Data Strategy Consulting. He’s built the most trusted brand in data science and machine learning around the concepts of simplicity and profitability.

Data science is a field that is up and coming. There seems to be a blending of market research, consumer insights and data science.

Vin Vashishta – From Gaming to Machine Learning

Vin has been in technology for the past twenty-two years and the last eight in data science specifically using the modern tools and architectures. He’s done everything from gaming companies to third-party distribution. In the early days, Vin was moving access databases around. he’s kind of ‘been there-done that’ when it comes to technology.

He went to school specifically for machine learning but was about fifteen years too early. It’s been a long road but he’s happily ended up where he wanted to be in the first place.

What is a Data Scientist?

If you are someone trying to come into the field, then data science is an aggregate skill set between strong mathematic, scientific research, data modeling and technology background. Slammed all together and you sprinkle some business acumen and domain on top of it, you have a data scientist.

What does Data Science Mean to Companies?

If you are a company, data science is the bridge between all of this data you have been told for years that you needed to be kept because it was going to be worth something someday. Well, today is that day when you will be able to tease the value out of that data.

Companies can realize cost savings for new product lines they have been hoping and opportunities to understand their business better. They can make better long-term strategic decisions.

Exploring the Possibilities

There are practical applications from preventative maintenance to optimizing traffic flow in cities like smart grid-type applications. The most well-known is the world of autonomous cars.

Many companies are in the exploratory process where they are just beginning to learn the opportunities. They want to know what data scientists can do and what they can do for their company and what products they want to start building.

Everyone is receptive to it[data science], it’s such a huge buzzword and everyone wants in.- Vin Vashishta

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