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Ulli Appelbaum – First The Trousers Then The Shoes | Ep. 024

Ulli Appelbaum First the Trousers Then the Shoes 024

Ulli Appelbaum is the founder of First the Trousers Then The Shoes, Inc. The consulting firm has been grounded by execution rather than deliverables, resonating with Ulli’s beliefs on strategies and the creative process. Today, he sits with Sima Vasa to talk about the power of extracting insights from data.

Ulli Appelbaum – Advertising Ever Since

Ulli’s US advertising career started 16 years ago. He has immense fascination and passion for the concept of positioning. Additionally, the knowledge of how people can influence perceptions others form fueled his drive to become successful in the field.

His many experiences in advertising opened up opportunities in a vast array of fields. After a while, he switched to account planning, gaining exposure to planning and market research. He then received an offer in Minnesota, which trailblazed his expansive career that branched out to both traditional and digital platforms.

Turning Data into Insights

Ulli recently launched a set of method cards with exercises and questions that will help people generate insights from data. Anyone toils with looking into big data to gain these insights that are proven indispensable tools in furthering the market research industry.

“Insight is such an important concept in the world of marketing. But it’s often misunderstood or misused. Everything is an insight nowadays.“ – Ulli Appelbaum

An Output and a Process

According to Ulli, insight is a process and an output in a sense. There will be no insight without the process. The process then entails diving into available data in order to make sense of these data and make the connections that will eventually resolve into the aha! moment people struggle to arrive at.

“Because there is so much more data out there, more and more people think that new data leads to new insights, which it can, but it doesn’t have to.” – Ulli Appelbaum

Quick links to connect with Ulli Appelbaum:

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