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Thinking Out Loud: How Our Words Matter with Sima Vasa | Ep. 79

Sima brings something a little different on today’s podcast, and that is her perspective on how we think about and accept new approaches and methodologies in the industry.

Believe it or not, words DO matter, as you will soon discover!

Something Shiny

We’ve all lived through the introduction of new and exciting technology. Our first thoughts are typically along the lines of: “What is that? How do you do that? What are its implications as it relates to something new in the industry?”

The success or failure of market acceptance of new technology or methodology is determined by us, both as an individual and as a company.

The words we speak can be incredibly polarizing, and people sometimes make provocative statements just to encourage the discussion and ensuing fallout. 

This is divisive enough to create serious tension among us. In some, it creates anxiety and in others, it can create a mental block with just not wanting to think about it, because things will eventually settle down.

Separating Myths from Truths

Many years ago, it was thought that all surveys would only be taken on a mobile device but they are taken across multiple platforms in reality.

At one point in time, social analytics was going to replace all traditional brand tracking. Also not true. Social analytics is a crucial component to understanding the impact of a brand.

Another blanket assertion is that big data is going to challenge (or even replace) traditional research. We do not yet know if this one is true or not.

Methodology Considerations

In the industry, there’s a lot of buzz about research and its fit in the world of technology, machine learning, automation and big data.

What’s the solution that a company might be offering? And who is it targeted to? What decisions are they trying to make?

Sima raises some thought-provoking questions that beg us, as leaders, to take responsibility in encouraging understanding and rationalization when it comes to the pain points that we’re trying to serve within the client organization. Words matter.

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