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Tania Yuki – Understanding Digital Influence | Ep. 061

Tania Yuki - Understanding Digital Influence | Ep 061

In today’s episode, Sima Vasa sits with Tania Yuki, CEO of Shareablee. Together, they talk about what inspired her to create Shareablee and how it helped advertisers, influencers, publishers and brand owners determine share-worthy content.

Lawyer Turned Social Media Analyst

Tania Yuki tried her luck as an Internet attorney before finding her way to social media analytics. At the moment, she is considered an expert on social media marketing, digital audience measurement, and web analytics, among others.

“It started into something like ‘Im so intrigued as to why people would take this brand video and share it out to everyone they even know'” – Tanya Yuki

Where It All Began

Shareablee originated from Yuki’s natural curiosity on “people’s motivation in sharing social media content”. From there, the platform focused on measurement, advertising effectiveness and deep content analytics on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

“Shareablee was really born out of my personal curiosity about why people share content on mobile social platforms, so we began looking mostly on Facebook and Twitter. Now the ecosystem has quickly exploded in many more platforms, Instagram being the most important right now.” – Tanya Yuki

Users understand how their content is resonating with the audience and in turn, make effective and compelling content. They can also filter the best platform to reach their audience to drive a particular objective.

What Makes Content Shareable

Social media users share content online because of the “Four Baskets of Motivation.” First is Social Proof—these are the content that would make users look smarter, funnier, caring or more in-the-know. Second is Usefulness. Examples of posts that fall under “usefulness” are product testimonials or great sale.

Then, there’s Storytelling, as humans are naturally inclined to gather around the campfire and tell stories to one another. The final driver for users to share a post is Emotion. If the post triggered happiness or empathy or inspiration, then it’s enough reason to share it with connections.  

“Just a fun fact, story-telling is not a useful driver among millenials. It is not that they don’t care about stories, but they wanted stories where they could be a part of, so you could ask their opinion” -Tania Yuki


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