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Simon Chadwick – Coffee with Simon | Ep. 017

Simon Chadwick Coffee with Simon Data Gurus Podcast

Simon Chadwick is the Founder and Managing Partner of Cambiar Consulting. He and Sima Vasa discuss the shifts in the research industry and the Gen Z potential in the workplace. How different are they from the Millennials? Tune in.

“If we look in the news we are constantly reminded that this is a generation that thinks rather differently … it’s much more about authenticity, much more about show me the evidence.” – Simon Chadwick on gen Z’s impact on the industry

Market Reseach Industry – Simon Chadwick

Simon is popularly known as the rockstar of the market research industry. According to him, the year 2013 saw the rise in investments in data and analytics. Billions of investments came since then.

But the past two to three years showed a precipitous collapse in the industry. This year is focused on the stabilization of coming investments.

Investments and Industry Shifts

Venture capital firms now have to focus on returning investments to tons of investors.

“They are just basically doubling down on their successes and not pouring new money in.” – Simon Chadwick

Shifts in the industry are also taking place. In data collection, for example, we’re seeing a combination of big data and passive metering. Job roles also have to be clearly defined in order to make things easier.

Generation Z in the Workplace

Every generation has its own stereotype. There’s a generation of heroes, another of conformists, and of rebels. What potential does Gen Z hold?

“Gen Z is coming up as a hero generation.” – Simon Chadwick

The oldest Gen Z member is most probably around 22 years old today. Having evidence to understand people and make a difference is a unique attribute that they typically possess. In the near future, the research industry can become their go-to workplace.

To hear what Simon Chadwick has to say about the market research industry and the potential of the Gen Z members in the workplace, download and listen to the entire episode!

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Simon Chadwick Bio:
Simon Chadwick is the Founder and Managing Partner of Cambiar, a management consulting company dedicated to the market research industry. Prior to that, he was Global CEO of NOP World. He also ran six research companies within Kantar. He is also active in the leadership of the market research and analytics industries and is the immediate Past Chair of the new Insights Association, a result of the merger of CASRO and the MRA. He and his colleagues at Cambiar are prolific authors and commentators on the research profession and publish a series of studies on the state of the industry every year. In addition to his role, Simon is Editor-in-Chief of Research World, ESOMAR’s global magazine, and serves on the Board of Directors of a number of research-related companies. Simon is a Fellow of the Market Research Society. He holds an MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University, England.