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Ray Poynter – GDPR and So Much More | Ep. 011

Ray Poynter - GDPR and So Much More Data Gurus Podcast

Ray Poynter is the Founder of He is also the author of several books and chapters about market research, a teacher, blogger, facilitator, presenter, coach, and consultant. Studies have listed him as one of the most influential leaders in the industry.

In this episode, he gives an in-depth take on artificial intelligence, GDPR and so much more.

Ray Poynter – Market Research Specialist

Ray has spent more than 30 years in market research. At NewMR, they focus on innovative methods. They don’t try to compete with others in the field. They help people to get started and to boost their presence.

Difference of GDPR in Europe

When it comes to General Data Protection Regulation, Ray believes that it all boils down to intent. There is nothing to worry about if you just want to do the right thing.

“Anybody who is trying to do the right thing will not get into trouble.” – Ray Poynter on GDPR

An interesting news came that Verve, the ad tech company, is closing all of its offices in Europe. They do not believe that what they are currently doing can be made legal.

In Europe, citizens own their data. Whereas in the United States, commercial organizations own the information of their consumers.

Importance of Informed Consent

Transparency makes things easier for both parties. To access their data, people need to give their consent to the mobile app. To prevent issues, they need to be fully aware of what they are signing up for.

“Informed consent requires that the person completely understands what he is consenting to.” – Ray Poynter

There is a big difference in the European GDPR model and the U.S. model. Looking back in history, there were also problems caused by record keepers. This made Europe more sensitive to the issue at hand.

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