Ravi Parmeswar Winning the CPG Analytics Race | Ep. 001

Ravi Parmeswar Winning the CPG Analytics Race Data Gurus Podcast

Ravi ParmeswarRavi Parmeswar is a VP at Johnson & Johnson. He’s in charge of global strategic insights and analytics. He has significant experience in CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods).

“The Chinese proverb ‘May you live in interesting times.’ we certainly are.” – Ravi Parmeswar

The Changing Face of Analytics

Ravi’s responsibilities take global strategic insights and analytics to drive insights from any source. It’s a global responsibility across all of the consumer business at J&J.

In the last 3 years, things have changed drastically thinking about big data. It’s becoming more real for CPG. When you get access to first body data the game changes significantly.

Ravi Parmeswar Personalized Analytics

Ravi thinks the way marketing is moving right now is the model of more data and more personalized data. It’s better to look at the landscape of data we have right now and how to better connect and how best to use that for targeted marketing.

The traditional way for brand positioning marketing was using attitudinal segments. It was about what people feel and need but that is going away.

Behavioral segments are a lot more actionable. For instance, you’ll have data of what a person bought, if he bought mine or a competitors product, what else he buys, what are his media habits and what his digital habits are. With this information, you can target your market more accurately.

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