Purpose-Driven Data with Rob Pace at HundredX

On this episode, host Sima Vasa talks to Rob Pace, Founder and CEO of HundredX, about using data in a mission-driven organization to drive positive outcomes for both the business and the community.

Rob and Sima discuss the following:

– A business has to be profitable to provide the resources needed to pursue goals aligned with its mission.

– Outcomes-based systems are often more effective than product-based systems of organization.

– Prioritizing short-term success will inevitably affect the ability to find long-term success.

– Aligning the needs of the community with the incentives of the business provides common interests that drive organizational success.

– In an environment of mistrust around data and privacy, community collaboration builds relationships between consumers and data organizations that benefit both parties.

– Data collection businesses should work with their community partners, not against them.


Sima Vasa

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