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Ponderings about Marketing w/ Priscilla McKinney | Ep. 64

Priscilla McKinney

In today’s episode, Sima Vasa sits with Priscilla McKinney, CEO of LiTTLE Bird Marketing. Together, they talk about her company and their edge in content marketing, some tips on personal branding and her struggles and triumph as an entrepreneur.


LiTTLE Bird Marketing

Priscilla McKinney has a background in Cultural Anthropology. She finds herself an easy fit in the world of Market Research (MR) because she comes from a social science perspective and she understands the nature of the work, which is relatable to ethnography⁠—a systematic study of people and cultures.

She then spearheaded her own company named LiTTLE Bird Marketing. The company is a marketing agency that specializes in content marketing strategies that bring lead generation. They cater to busy leaders who need confidence in their content marketing and who ensure that this content resonates with both long term and short term goals.


Marketing in Marketing Research

Priscilla’s experience and understanding of the core principles and application of marketing contributed greatly to her career in the MR world. As Sima puts it, “it is a big deal in market research because if you don’t understand the fundamentals, you lose credibility quickly.”

However, Priscilla gave honest feedback about professionals in the Marketing Research industry. She says that their knowledge of “numbers” doesn’t necessarily equate to their knowledge of themselves and what they can offer. 

“Market researchers are bad at marketing themselves. Not only that they are not good at marketing themselves⁠—like understanding really who they serve and what they offer and how they solve the problem uniquely⁠⁠—they also don’t research on themselves.” – Priscilla McKinney


On Personal Branding and Self-Promotion

Sima discusses why some women, especially those in the MR industry, don’t want to talk or even participate in self-promoting activities. Senior level female professionals do not have personal branding and it affects the representation of women in this field of work.

“People talk about the look⁠⁠—I have a scarf or sunglasses⁠⁠—there should be a look that needs to be consistent. A little deeper on personal branding is the “feel.” Like, how you feel about customer service or your stance on a topic. It may also be how you made the other person feel about you.” – Priscilla McKinney

Priscilla, however, said that self-promotion doesn’t have to be hard selling oneself. It will still boil down to authenticity. Further, she pinpoints the importance of knowing oneself, as we know we cannot be consistent all the time.


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