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Patrick Comer – Perspectives on Data Collection | Ep. 037

Patrick Comer - Perspectives on Data Collection | Ep. 035

On today’s episode, Patrick Comer joins Sima Vasa. Patrick is the Founder and CEO of Lucid, a software company focused on delivering human answers on a massive scale. Today he shares his thoughts on competition and purpose, and the importance of understanding perspective on data collection.

Patrick Comer – The Competitive Landscape for Lucid

Everybody always talks about the landscape offered by different companies, along with the competition. But Patrick has always maintained that it doesn’t matter who the competition is or who isn’t. In the end, every peer will compete against them or partner with them in some way.

The reality of the situation is that all the other companies are also the clients. Regardless of the niche or category they occupy, they will still work with Lucid in one way or another.

“In our world, it’s neither one nor zero. It’s always gray.” – Patrick Comer on competition

Purpose Over Competition

It is impossible to get away with pointing out peers and branding them as the enemy. What is more important is to focus on purpose and the goals.

Companies will thrive as long as they are narrowly focused on their mission, values, and what they are trying to deliver. This is regardless of whether another partner has similar products or capabilities. While those may seem competitive, they are not as important as focusing on clients and a defined mission.

“Purpose is far more important than comparing ourselves to other people.” – Patrick Comer

The Purpose of Lucid

Lucid recognizes that every single day, there are questions being asked among various global platforms. Each of these questions need the right audiences to answer them, whether they come individually or in the form of surveys. Patrick and his team connect global questions to human answers.

Their second purpose is to provide real impact on the communities around them. It is easy to talk about business in the context of competition, growth, and where they fit. But every day, the people at Lucid remind themselves that they are members of society.

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