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Maggie Merklin – Connecting TV and Digital Platforms to Drive Success | Ep. 044

Maggie Merklin Analytic Partners Connecting TV and Digital Platforms to Drive Success Data Gurus Podcast

For the third episode of the Attribution Accelerator 2018 round-up series, Maggie Merklin joins Sima Vasa. She shares a bit about her talk and her company’s key to great relationships with their clients. She also discusses how TV and digital platforms drive success.

Maggie Merklin – Analytics Partners and Choice Hotels

Maggie is the Executive Vice President at Analytic Partners. They have been working with Choice Hotels for over eight years now. Her talk revolves around how attribution is being adopted, particularly by this client.

Over the years, they have seen significant increases in Choice Hotels’ return on investment. They collaborated with Choice and their media agency to develop a PSA test. These gave similar results that aligned with the advanced analytics that they have been providing Choice.

“It’s a great example of collaboration across agencies, as well as transparency to the approach, and then validation to help drive that buy-in.” – Maggie Merklin

Transparency for Success

The key to success in this partnership is transparency. Like any other analytics company, they want their clients to adopt their results. They like to be challenged, and this helps with proving their validity.

“The results we provide through our analytics are only as good as an organization is going to use them.” – Maggie Merklin

Their collaboration helped prove this. Developing the PSA tests took a lot of work to make sure there was no spillover, among other things. A lot went into this specific collaboration, which showcased their commitment.

ROI Genome Project

For Analytic Partners’ ROI Genome project, they collect all of the results they performed with their various clients, including ROI trends, spend trends, as well as savings.

There has been a shift towards more spending online versus offline, which isn’t really surprising. But what has been interesting is the convergence in terms of investment from online vehicles, like displays and paid search, and with offline, like in TV.

“A lot of that is really driven by not necessarily the effectiveness of digital advertising but just the pressure with costing.” – Maggie Merklin

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