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Sima is delighted to talk with Gordon Allott today! Gordon is the President and CEO of BroadPeak Partners LLC, the company that developed the K3 software.

Today’s discussion takes a slightly different turn as we introduce Gordon, who is working on various aspects of data. The work done at BroadPeak brings a fresh perspective on the use of data in today’s digital age. So, join us as we delve into Gordon’s journey and learn about BroadPeak’s unique approach to data integration and analysis!

Gordon’s bio

Gordon Allott is the president and CEO of BroadPeak Partners, developer of the K3. K3 is software that takes data from anywhere, allows users to transform, filter, and unify through an intuitive UI, and send it anywhere. Before founding BroadPeak, Gordon was a consultant and attorney in the financial sector. That included advising a wide variety of bulge-bracket banks and hedge funds on derivatives trading. Gordon led the energy trading and risk groups for Sapient, delivering trading projects for Duke, Constellation, JPMorgan, Chevron, and others. Prior to Sapient, he was part of a startup (KWI), leading the USA as VP of Business Development and VP then Asia Pac (now Alstom). Gordon practiced as a derivatives attorney, has a JD from the University of Denver, and a BA from Drake University.

About BroadPeak

BroadPeak is a data integration consultancy that started in 2007. They specialize in extracting data from different systems, merging and blending data, and creating data pipelines. In 2013-2014, they created a data pipeline platform called K3, which allows employees to use a low-code approach to create connections to various data sources, merge, blend, and clean the data to make it analytically ready. K3 is now commercially available and used by 70 Fortune 500 companies. 

BroadPeak’s area of focus

Broadpeak focuses on helping large corporations extract data from old and painful systems to make it meaningful. They are continuing to move forward in the new data era.

Their primary target

Their primary target is operational people with real operational goals and the need to get things done for the enterprise. They offer low-code tools that democratize the data integration process enabling non-coders to connect to APIs and extract data from different systems.

BroadPeak has a secret value proposition

BroadPeak aims to solve the problem of IT teams building their own tools by putting the power in the hands of the people who need it most. They offer a solution through their K3 data pipeline platform, which allows companies to extract data without needing a developer. The platform is a secret value proposition for Broadpeak, as they aim to enable businesses to extract data quickly and efficiently without relying on IT teams.

Examples of the various dimensions of work being done at BroadPeak

One example is creating daily or hourly P&L reports, with explanations of changes, instead of waiting until the end of the month. Another example is marrying two sets or three sets of data together, which often runs into data quality issues. Their goal is to create an analytical or data control framework that can handle unknown challenges, such as cleaning up data or stitching it together.

BroadPeak helps customers assess their challenges

Gordon believes that many companies want to sell software without providing any ongoing support to achieve business outcomes. However, the pressure is on for teams to get answers quickly, and delays can result in missed opportunities. BroadPeak helps its customers assess their challenges and develop viable solutions using their platform, teaching them how to use it effectively. Once the customer learns how to use the platform, it becomes easy to move forward.

A streaming rules engine

BroadPeak has a streaming rules engine that creates case statements using WHEN THEN ELSE statements. That helps with edge cases that take up time, where the data may require different treatments based on its origin or format. The edge cases never stop, and data analysts constantly need to address issues such as date formatting.

The rise of data analytics

The role of the Data Analytics Officer is driving down from the top, and they are the future of the cerebral corporate enterprise. Chat GPT and other technologies have advanced significantly, and they can analyze code and data, which is good for commenting on code and identifying anomalies in data. The role of the data analyst is crucial, and companies have a lot of data they are not using properly. So, Gordon believes that if data is the new oil, this is the place to be!


The concept of velocity in data analysis refers to how quickly data can get processed to achieve business outcomes. However, some non-technological issues can impede progress, such as the existence of “data priests” who hoard data and do not share it. The goal of the data analyst is to get access to raw data quickly. Unfortunately, internal politics and power struggles can make that difficult.

A gamechanger

BroadPeak’s K3 data pipeline platform is changing the game in the world of data by empowering operational people to extract and analyze data quickly and efficiently without relying on IT teams. BroadPeak helps its customers assess their challenges and develop viable solutions using its platform, teaching them how to use it effectively. 


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