Leveraging AI for Insights Generation with Michalis Michael at DMR Group

In this episode, host Sima Vasa is pleased to welcome Michalis Michael, CEO at DMR Group, who shares the work his organization is doing with AI to be more efficient in both gathering and analyzing market data.

Michalis shared some important insights on the evolution of AI:

– AI can be categorized into different types: Narrow AI and Strong AI.

– Narrow AI includes machine learning models and is a useful data analytics tool.

– Machine learning models are most effective when they’re trained from human inputs, which still leaves some room for subjectivity in the final results.

– AI is not a silver bullet but a time-saving tool that more efficiently aggregates and categorizes massive amounts of data.

As Michalis tells it, the best AI tools still require a human touch to implement them in a meaningful use case.


Sima Vasa

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