Leveraging AI as a Research Tool with Chris Barry at The Evolved Group

On this episode, host Sima Vasa is joined by Chris Barry, CEO of HumanListening™ at The Evolved Group, who discusses the role of AI tools, specifically large language learning models, in data research.

Chris and Sima discussed the following in relation to AI and data acquisition:

– The ability of AI to elicit better responses from consumers than human surveyors.

– Why feedback of extremes is easier to come by than more measured feedback.

– How conversational AI can be used to explore the drivers behind customer responses.

– Adaptive AI personas that can be rolled out to better engage with specific demographics.

– The non-judgemental nature of AI chatbots that provokes better feedback on sensitive topics.

– The relationship between AI research tools and the expertise and skill of human researchers.

In the evolving digital landscape, the best researchers marry human expertise with digital efficiency.

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