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Keeping It Real with AJ Keirans | Ep. 100

We’re very happy to welcome AJ Keirans, the Vice-President of Business Development at Disqo, as our guest for today!

AJ started at Disqo three months ago. Joining them was a logical decision for him because of where he is currently at in his career, and he is very proud of the unique and special work that they are doing.

Why Disqo is different

The business and events industry is changing and there has been a lot of consolidation taking place within the industry recently.

At Disqo, there are only a few areas of focus. They don’t utilize any exchanges as they prefer to use partners or river traffic. Also, the company remains its own asset and they don’t try to productize everything.

The majority of Disqo’s panel-asset is made up of US consumers, and all their discussions are transparent. And because the relationship that Disqo has with its panelists is focused on validating who the panelists are, and on quality and simplicity, it has been a very easy sell for AJ.

What AJ likes about Disqo, and what makes him proud, is the way that the company has returned to focusing on quality and propriety.

The panelists that join Disqo

The panelists that join Disqo do so because they want to be there. And AJ believes that Disqo is a unique and scalable asset for them to have.

Focusing on one panel-asset 

At Disqo, they have only one panel-asset, and that’s where their focus lies. Having only one panel-asset allows them to have a uniform strategy for how they engage with their panelists, and for how their panelists are rewarded.

Low threshold

Disqo has a very low threshold. That is part of their validation and quality process, and it allows for a win-win situation for everyone involved.


Nobody is likely to get rich from taking surveys. However, when people feel that their time and their money are being respected, they tend to be more eager to participate, and they do so more actively.

What Disqo is doing with passive metering and with the tracking of consumer behavior

What Disqo has been doing with passive metering, and with the tracking of consumer behavior, has been a point of differentiation for AJ. He explains that their approach to passive metering, and the use of rich data, is a new way of thinking. It is also a first-party, and it is scalable.

Passive metering allows Disqo to track the behavior of consumers online, to see behind their walled gardens, to see the ads they are exposed to, and it enables them to be privy to consumers’ purchase behavior.

Passive metering can be done on a desktop as well as on mobile devices and it allows for a truly rich understanding of the consumer. This is very significant right now, with the way that consumer behavior is changing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Transparency is key

The way that Disqo tracks consumer data is done transparently, and their passive metering software is installed without any cookies. Consumers choose to participate, so they can opt-in if they want to, and they are rewarded for doing so.

Consumers need to trust a brand to allow it to track their behavior, so transparency is the key here. Allowing consumers to control what is happening with their data, and engaging them in an opt-in, is ethical, and it is also very important in maintaining their trust.

Doing something unique

The way that Disqo is going about doing its passive metering is truly unique. Everything it does is above board, honest, and transparent. This is very important because people tend to question the validity of the data.

Covid reports 

For quite some time now, the Disqo team has been asking questions and using surveys, and digital behavior, to create Covid reports. They started tracking people’s behavior as early as February, and the reports are now available on the Disqo website.

Positioned for success

AJ is convinced that Disqo is perfectly positioned for success going forward because he knows that what they do, and the way they are trusted, is invaluable and cannot be built overnight.


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