Jane Clarke Television Analytics | Ep. 002

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Jane Clarke works in a coalition for the research of all the cable and broadcast television networks and the media buying agencies. They started with a handful of large advertisers but ended up working with the ANA. They want to fully represent the buy side and the sell side to solve the current data challenges.

TV Analytics Challenges – Jane Clarke

The challenges are innovating in the area of cross-media management and the second is trying to push to bring more granular measurement to television.

Granular measurement has traditionally been a handful of households that have a meter in front of the television and then the people have to push buttons. It’s not ideal today.

Accounting for Those Challenges

Viewing is very fragmented and there are 100’s and 100’s of cable channels and it’s very hard to actually get a large enough panel that can actually represent the long tail of viewing.

Census type data like SAT top box data or smart TV data are coming into the market. Jane Clarke says that the problem with these is they are not fully representative because they have a weird footprint like a sample of convenience. There are biases in those types of data.

The panels are still being used to help to calibrate all of these big data sets to make them more representative. Gradually as they become more representative we may be able to move away from panels.

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