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Isaac Muñoz – Southwest Airlines Culture of Integrating Insights and Research | Ep. 034

Isaac Muñoz Southwest Airlines Culture of Integrating Insights and Research Data Gurus

For today’s episode, Senior Business Consultant at Southwest Airlines Isaac Muñoz sits with Sima Vasa. They talk about marrying research and insights and why research is not just an optional element but should be deeply integrated into the marketing process.

Isaac Muñoz – Insights at Southwest Airlines

Isaac is part of the Customer Insights of the Marketing Team at Southwest Airlines. His job involves doing primary research and then coming back to the company as a consultant. He and his team have been in this role for ten years.

This innovative move evolved their function from not just being research but being more consultative as well. It helped raise understanding business issues and linking research results to driving actionable decisions.

“One of our missions is to make sure that everything we do is representative of the customer, everything that we do is received well by the customer.” – Isaac Muñoz

Realizing a Mission

In order to be able to achieve their goals, they have taken the approach of doing research that involves reaching out to customers. They get to know what they have to say, what customers like and don’t like. And then they evaluate the data they get.

By doing all these, they are able to go back to the company with tactics that they can launch. As a result, they become better received by their customers.

Challenges Along the Way

Like other researchers, Isaac and his team encounter challenges related to understanding the consumers and customers. The need to spread different channels into different touch points is one of these.

And while this is no news, the customer journey is unique to everyone and should therefore always be taken into account.

“One of the challenges is trying to understand how each touch point plays a role and trying to see the influence that marketing and people play a role, especially in today’s environment.” – Isaac Muñoz

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