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Hermann Kudlich – Learning Through Creativity and Fun! | Ep. 016

Hermann Kudlich Learning Through Creativity and Fun! Data Gurus Podcast

Hermann Kudlich is a Denmark-based business development partner at LEGO Brand Group. Today, he touches base with Sima Vasa. They talk about how coming up with innovative ways to marry physical and digital experiences can be fun, albeit challenging.

Physical Experience in the Digital Age

For over nine years, Hermann has worked with product innovation and lean startup methods at LEGO, leading major digital initiatives and product launches. But the times have changed. In this age of advanced technology, he continues his mission to create products that will entice the traditional and tech-savvy audience.

His working experience at LEGO has always been dosed with fun, down to the bricks scattered in boardrooms, inspiring creativity. This very nature of the workspace is what makes team members highly innovative, which is exactly what they need to be.

Hermann Kudlich The Testing Process

LEGO’s testing process ensures that they are up to date with a generation’s preferences. While it’s complex, Hermann admits that it’s one of the things that make his work enjoyable.

“LEGO does a lot of testing…doing it the right way creates amazing output. To me this is the perfect innovation process.” – Hermann Kudlich on LEGO’s testing process

By going through this rigorous testing process, they are able to come up with the perfect solutions to keep innovating. Its importance can’t be undermined, as it will determine the future of the brand.

Driven By Research

Research is key to LEGO’s branding. The testing process involves co-creation sessions with children and their parents. The children’s reaction to and interaction with LEGO determine the whole testing, down to the design.

“As a designer, everyone has an opinion on what you do… The basic rule in our process was no one should have an opinion outside of the test.” – Hermann Kudlich on LEGO being driven by research

With these in mind, LEGO enables its teams to build a brand that is evidence-based and well-adapted to the changing times.

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