Exploring Online Industry Trends with Sima Vasa at Infinity Squared Ventures, John Bremer at Phantom 4 Solutions and Bob Fawson at Numerator

This episode features a conversation between Sima Vasa, CEO and Founder of Infinity Squared Ventures, and John Bremer, President of Phantom 4 Solutions, at a virtual event hosted by Numerator and moderated by Bob Fawson.

John and Sima provide insights into the evolution of data collection and analytics in a rapidly-changing consumer landscape. They discuss:

– How the real applications of new technologies often outpace their intended use cases, overextending these tech assets.

– Human expertise can’t effectively be replaced by digital tools.

– Shifting consumer preferences and behaviors continuously alter which data collection methods are most effective, and which ones are losing their usefulness.

In an environment where technologies and standard practices are in constant flux, leaders in the data acquisitions space have to stay adaptable to find continued success.

Bob Fawson

Infinity Squared


Numerator – LinkedIn

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