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Dr. Scott McDonald – The Advertiser’s Dilemma | Ep. 008

Dr. Scott McDonald - The Advertiser's Dilemma Data Gurus Podcast

Dr. Scott McDonald is the President and CEO of Advertising Research Foundation (ARF). Since 1936, they seek to advance the scientific understanding of advertising and marketing.

Dr. Scott McDonald – The Science of Marketing

For 81 years now, the Advertising Research Foundation serves as a platform for major power centers and functional groups in the advertising industry. Ad agencies, media companies, clients, as well as big social platforms are equally represented at ARF. All bring together and discuss scientific methods in marketing.

“Digital continues to transform and disrupt all cultures. It continues to be something everyone is contending with both in positive and negative contexts.” – Dr. Scott McDonald

Job in the Advertising Industry

According to Dr. McDonald, applicants are naturally attracted to companies where there is a sign of growth and money. There is also an intrinsic value on the future.

He advises them to take a job that brings excitement. Also, consider filling a role that will give you the space to grow as a professional.

Importance of Communication

After graduation, his first job in business was at Time Magazine. He did research and analytics. The experience gave him the opportunity to understand the other functions, such as production, marketing, circulation, and editorial.

“Even though you like to geek out and explain the language of your specialization, you should still be able to explain in plain English at the end of the day.” – Dr. Scott McDonald on good communication

He further emphasizes the need to understand other systems and functions. Marketing is not isolated on a single role. In order to learn what works, you need to reach out and connect with others in the industry.

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