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Data Gurus Podcast with Sima Vasa Introduction | Ep. 000

Data Gurus Podcast with Sima Vasa Introduction

The world around us is changing faster than ever before. From automation, artificial intelligence, big data, geolocation to every aspect of how we work and live. This includes DATA. Welcome to the Data Gurus Podcast with Sima Vasa…our mission is to bring you a real-life perspective on what’s happening in the industry and how successful companies and individuals in this niche navigate through the sea of change.

“Encouraging you to Be Bold, Be Brave and Be Fearless – Let’s navigate the Data Ecosystem together.” – Purpose of the Data Gurus Podcast with Sima Vasa

About The Data Gurus Podcast with Sima Vasa

A little about me, I am not only the host of the Data Gurus Podcast with over 20 years of market research experience but I also bring a unique perspective from my experience as a market research supplier, client and an entrepreneur.

Some of my positions include President, NPD Techworld and Senior Program Manager and International Business Machines (IBM).  On the entrepreneurial front, I’m the co-founder of Paradigm Sample, a data collection company and Infinity Squared Ventures, an advisory accelerator.

I’m a frequent speaker at national market research and insights conferences including Innovation Insights Exchange (IIEX), The Market Research Event (TMRE) and the former Market Research Association (MRA).  I also contribute frequently to industry blogs and publications.

Let’s Share this Journey Together!

The excitement is building as I’m set to begin the Data Gurus Podcast with Sima Vasa journey!

I love to hear from my listeners with input, questions and suggestions. You can find me at the links below!


I’m passionate about data and I love to share, learn and help others that share my passion. If you love data as much as I do, subscribe on iTunes and don’t forget to leave a rating and review!