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Betty Adamou Research through Gaming

On today’s episode, Betty Adamou sits with Sima Vasa to talk about games as tools for market research. She is the CEO and Founder of Research Through Gaming Ltd and the author of Games and Gamification in Market Research.

Betty Adamou – Market Research and Video Games

Betty’s passion for Research Through Gaming came about when she started working in the market research industry. She was taken aback by the disparity between the massiveness of the sphere and the poor quality of communication, that is, surveys.

By day, she finds herself working in her market research job, looking after clients or helping design these surveys. But at night, she is glued to her video games. She began asking questions that eventually gave rise to her passion project,

“There’s something there. Why am I glued to this screen but not to that screen?” – Betty Adamou, on market research and video games

Birth of Research Through Gaming

Betty conducted a conference talk on the future of research through gaming while she was still working at Nebu. People clearly took an interest in her conference paper. She began receiving calls and questions, asking when she would start her project.

She quit her job and eight years later, she feels validated. She hears of the results of her research games, her clients’ feedback, and what they do with the data they gather. And with the advent of different advancements in the industry, she knows she could further evolve.

“It’s just a big passion of mine. As much as I’ve written the book, I design games and I run research trends every day. If anything, I get more excited about it.” – Betty Adamou

The Process of Market Research Games

For the companies she works with, she directly deals with the brand research managers. Betty offers different kinds of services for these companies. Among these is making sure that her clients don’t forget the kind of engagement and insights that they want from the traditional services they using.

Her process involves coming up with an idea, designing the game, and actually working on it. They usually have a turnaround rate of 10-14 working days.

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