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Anese Cavanaugh – Creating Contagious Culture | Ep. 030

Anese Cavanaugh - Creating Contagious Culture | Ep. 030

On this episode, Anese Cavanaugh, CEO of Active Choices, Inc., joins Sima Vasa to talk culture and leadership. Devoted to helping people show up, Anese is an author and is the leading voice on intention, energy and presence. Today she brings to us the story behind her famous IEP Method.

“I believe that we each create the culture that we are a part of.” – Anese Cavanaugh

Anese Cavanaugh – Contagious Culture

After doing work with business leaders and organizations for 15-16 years, Anese wrote the book Contagious Culture. She discovered two myths that every business leader and organization believe in.

“One was that leadership was about what we do… The second myth was that culture was created by everybody around us.” – Anese Cavanaugh

What people didn’t realize, however, is that leadership is about who we be, how we show up, our energy, intentions and presence. Culture, on the other hand, isn’t something created by everybody else but by each and everyone that is part of it.

Leadership and Culture Combined

When we add leadership and culture together, it gets easier to realize how we’re the ones creating and defining both and that we are actually contagious. This is the very foundation of the book that she wrote.

Intentional Energetic Presence

Anese authored her book to give people as many tools and resources around the IEP Method, which helps people show up better and also to lend that into leadership and cultural optimization.

IEP is something that people bring to every single room, every single interaction that they have and everything that they do. It’s what happens when they show up for themselves and for others.

“It’s a choice. So the more intentional I can be with that, the better able I am to create more of a pleasurable impact and more of my intended impact in leadership.” – Anese Cavanaugh

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