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Abha Dawesar – Linking the Entire Customer Journey from Acquisition to Long-term Retention | Ep. 043

Abha Dawesar HSBC Linking the Entire Customer Journey from Acquisition to Long-term Retention Data Gurus Podcast

Abha Dawesar, Marketing Strategy Director at HSBC joins Sima Vasa for this second episode of the Attribution Accelerator 2018 roundup series. She shares what she spoke about at the forum. She also talks about assigning business growth to marketing investment.

“A lot of the consumer behaviors might be linked to the things that got them to the gate in the first place.” – Abha Dawesar

Abha Dawesar – In-Depth Tracking of Insights

Most of the industry ends up getting third-party analytics that often show highly-aggregated data. Abha gets involved in campaign designing and analytics at the beginning in order to come up with a set of data that they can track at a very granular level.

For instance, they not only look at the offer, segment and geography, but also go into the details of a campaign. They inspect a test all the way down and then build the customer journey after they became customers. This takes away the limit of seeing only what offer is converting or how conversion and acquisition happened.

“We were able to overlay a variety of categories and touch points with the customers to get to qualitative metrics.” – Abha Dawesar

Seeking Long-Term Relationships

There’s no undermining the importance of looking into the entire life cycle of a customer and closing the loop to gain better insight. A plethora of questions come up by doing so.

You can launch a campaign with the intention to answer short-term and medium-term business needs. But in the end, you’re looking for customers that fit your brand and that you’re able to service in a way that they need for the long-term.

“You’re really looking at a far longer term relationship as a financial institution with your customers and so these quality metrics are really critical to have in place.” – Abha Dawesar

Deep-Layered Work for Patterns

A lot of what is happening at the front end of a marketing cycle is very quantitative. It is remarkable to note that when you start doing this deep-layered work, through time, you will see customer behavior patterns.

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