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A Scientist’s Approach to Market Research | Ep.153

Welcome to another fascinating and informative episode of the Data Gurus podcast!

Sima is happy to have Jeremy King, the CEO and Founder of Attest, joining her on the show today!

In this episode, Jeremy talks about his unique career journey, discusses the genesis of Attest, and explains how Attest helps organizations use their existing data in better ways to make smarter decisions.

Jeremy’s journey

Jeremy started his career as a scientist. He worked in ecology, genetics, and what is now known as synthetic biology, focusing on mathematical models of reef fish behavior and proving how the entire underwater ecology is driven by sound. That was where his love for data, empiricism, following hypotheses, testing, and learning originated.

After that, Jeremy joined McKinsey and spent nine years traveling around the world helping big companies sort out problems that they could not solve for themselves.


Traveling to different countries and showing up at new businesses, sectors, and teams every one to three months helped Jeremy learn about businesses countries and cultures very quickly.

A trend

Jeremy became interested in the world of Attest because all the businesses he worked with spoke about being more data-driven and using their existing data in better ways to make smarter decisions. Using their internal data and existing customer data much more was a big trend.

Data about future customers

What was missing in almost all those businesses was data about the customers that they did not have yet. To overcome that gap businesses need to commission a market research project, look into social data, use existing customers as a proxy for future customers, or extrapolate the gut feel of experts to try new product launches.

Gut feelings

Unfortunately, 95% of all product launches fail, and most gut feelings are wrong.

Knowing more about the target customer 

Knowing more about the target customer is vital. But that was missing in every business and sector that Jeremy visited.

Getting the data

Where data is missing, businesses need to go out and get it, produce it, or find it because that is how they will ultimately win or lose.

The genesis of Attest

Jeremy thought there had to be a better way to do more market research for more people in more places more often. So he started thinking of ways to automate to make that market bigger, better, and easier for more people. That was how Attest was born.

Assessing target customers

Data and customers are at the heart of a business. So a lot more needs to be spent on assessing target customers and finding opportunities in unknown areas.

Making market research easier

When market research is easier to do, it creates opportunities for more to happen in more places for more people more often.

Different markets

Attest serves many different markets, so their challenge is to build one product and software suite for all the services, needs, buyer personas, and sectors.


The simplicity, power, and quality of Attest set it apart from all other platforms in the industry.

A tailor-made experience

Attest aims to deliver an experience that does everything exactly how organizations want to do it. They will do that in a way that is neither overbearing nor scary.


Attest strives to show the obvious results and make it easy for organizations to see things they would not otherwise have seen. They enable organizations to communicate those insights internally, which helps them to work in new and more intuitive ways.

About Attest

Attest has its headquarters are in London, and they are big in New York. They also have some team members scattered in many different areas. The company is half commercial and half data science engineering and product design. Their client base is in Europe and the US, and they also have a growing mix of clients around the world. The organization is growing at a rate of about 99%, year on year.



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