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Nik Samoylov – Automating Conjoint and Other Research Methods | Ep. 040

Nik Samoylov - Automating and Other Research Methods | Ep. 040

On today’s episode, Nik Samoylov, founder of joins Sima Vasa. Together they talk about how Nik fell into market research and how automation has affected the industry and its methods.

“If anything, core research skills like drafting questionnaires will definitely stay in demand.” – Nik Samoylov

Nik Samoylov – Choosing Market Research

With the marketing and statistics courses he took in college, Nik wanted to pursue a career in market research. For three years after graduation, Nik was involved in consulting.

When he decided to focus on market research, he didn’t go looking for a job. Instead, Nik started his own market research company, it’s has been around for a little over two years and they launched their platform a year ago. Working with Companies

Nik’s established company helps others with product pricing and research. They do this mainly through their platform, where clients can log in, put in their stimuli, and choose who they want to survey. Reports then follow, which answers their clients’ market-related questions.

“The biggest selling point is the ease of using the platform and the outputs that it gives.” – Nik Samoylov on’s platform

They also build custom projects for companies. One benefit of this is that clients get to learn from what they need and translate these into automated polls. Through this, everyone gets to use something that has been tested multiple times with a huge sample.

Automation and Research Methods

With automation among the rising stars in the market research industry, a question has arisen. Do we still need researchers to write and design questionnaires when this art and science could potentially go away in the long run?

Nik says that even in automation, there is the need to use templates. People make their research similar to what they or other people have done in the past for consistency and reliability. But when they need to answer a question differently, the need to draft your own question becomes even more obvious and is something that’s not going to go away despite automation.

To hear the rest of Nik’s insight into automation and research, download and listen to the episode!

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