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Anne Brown – Gazelle Global Celebrates 25 Years! | Ep. 058

Anne Brown - Gazelle Global Celebrates 25 Years! | Ep. 058

Today, the CEO and founder of Gazelle Global Anne Brown sits with Sima Vasa. Together, they talk about the company’s beautiful 25 years from its conception to present celebration.

Anne Brown – Taking Stock of 25 Years

Anne says that this moment is incredibly opportune to take stock and look back where they started. When Gazelle Global was but a fledgling, it was nothing to send a job out to 60 sites—even with the limited power of copiers. After all, her job let her experience a lot of new things.

“I have an extreme love of working internationally and what I liked about that time was that if you worked internationally, you had to go.” – Anne Brown

Building Gazelle Global

Gazelle Global started out when Anne was vice president of operations at CRC. In one meeting, one of her clients turned to her and her co-founder and said he lacked in-house operations. He then offered that they worked on the field and DP to build the business, and they proceeded to write their history.

For small to midsize research companies, it does not always pay for them to have the operations inside. The idea was that researchers and ops people should stick to what they do best and that researchers should not be charged for the ops people unless they need them. And so their business came to be.

“We were a niche business… Not a lot of people were doing this but it made so much sense even back then.” – Anne Brown

Celebrating 25 Years

For their 25th year in the industry, Anne and the company did a graffiti wall that was filled with writings by the end of their celebratory conference. Even their international partners wrote on the wall in their native tongue. Their employees, of course, were treated to great food and bottles of champagne.

“It’s just a wonderful thing to think that this is a family, that we support a lot of families here and that we’ve been a work family for a long time now.” – Anne Brown

Sima concurs. It is interesting to achieve a completely different orientation in business, especially after going through the many ups and downs from when you were a startup.

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