We are Infinity Squared

Infinity Squared helps clients realize their visions. We help our clients to prepare for the future by facilitating growth, innovation, and overall business planning. We advise, consult, market, sell, and network on behalf our clients.

Our Core Values

  • We believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.
  • We wake up everyday and believe the opportunities are plenty and it is critical to go through the discipline of figuring out the most important one.
  • We love working with people we respect, trust and laugh with.
  • We believe learning never stops- we learn from each other and we learn from what is around us. We actively seek knowledge and continually learn.
  • Transparency, trust, collaboration, and respect for our similarities and our differences make us a strong team.
  • We work hard – it is in our DNA.

Advisory Services

Infinity Squared Ventures offers a comprehensive suite of services ranging from strategic planning, product development / positioning, competitive analysis, growth strategies, training, capital raise and M&A activities. We bring a unique perspective to any engagement.

    • We have 20 years of industry experience with a specialization in the data, analytics, and research.


    • Our entrepreneurial and operator experience allows us to quickly understand the perspectives of our clients.


  • Our network helps clients accelerate their business by having right connections to grow their business.


We have a hands-on approach. We work directly with the C-level executives as well become an integrated member of the team throughout the engagement. Our typical engagements run 3-6 months.



In addition to consulting, we offer content-based workshops that are either in-person or virtual. Topics can include current landscape and trends in data ecosystem, personal branding, understanding the capital raise process.


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